Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Short Hairstyles For Men

There are many men, who's preference it is to wear short hairstyles. The man's choice of hairstyles gives you some insight into who he is. Nowadays short hair styles have become all the rage. A man's face, type of hair and even his style of cut lets you know who the guy is and what he wants to portray about himself to the world.

Some men choose short hairstyles that are classic while others prefer a sleek, fun and unique hairstyle. Men's hairstyles range from tapered looks to buzz cuts. Men choose styles that match their faces. Some short styles may be layered, and some can be more business oriented.

One cut that has been a favorite for boys and men for decades; the buzz haircut is where the hair is cut very close to the man's scalp. This haircut is also called the skinhead. It is also a common haircut for military men. Buzz cuts even come in a few different styles such as one with bangs and fades, giving the wearer a feeling of control over the style of their hair.

The Caesar Cut is the next short hair that is one of the most popular among men who like shorter styles of hair. This hairstyle is cut into a horizontal straight fringe. It is named after Julius Caesar, men who love it bring the past into the present with this hairstyle.

Another hairstyle that is interesting to men is the faux hawk, which is fast becoming very popular, unlike a typical Mohawk (the style it took its style from); it lets you keep your hair. Instead of shaving your hair on the sides, the Faux cut is just styled in a way to make it look like a Mohawk. This is extremely easy to accomplish, and it looks much better to women than a traditional Mohawk.

Yet another favorite short haircut is the business man cut, where the hair is very conservative, short and stylish hairstyle. It is tapered in the back and on the sides with a part on one side of the head (you can choose which). This cut has many different variations for each type of man who wears it.

The fade is another one of the more attractive of men's tapered cuts. This is where the hair is cut very close in the back and on the sides, and begins to taper up ward. There are some variations of the fade called Philly Fade, Temple Fade, Brooklyn Fade, Low Fade and the Flat Top Fade. Another hair cut that is fun for young men and military men is the flat top and they find it easy to care for as well, it is similar to the fade except the man's hair is cut flat on top.

It is important that you choose a haircut that fits the size and the shape of your face, the length of your neck and the size of your forehead, in addition to the size of your chin. By cutting your hair to match your features will give you a stronger, more attractive look that will say a lot about your personal style.

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